How the choir runs


We are rehearsing in in various venues in 2017, normally on Mondays, from 7.30pm, to 9.30pm.  Please be on time, arriving ready to start singing at 7.30pm sharp as we always have a lot to get through!

The committee expects you to attend every rehearsal but clearly there will be occasional times when you are ill or where a rehearsal conflicts with, for example, a work engagement or family event.  If you know in advance that you will not be able attend a rehearsal for any reason, you must tell our Musical Director, Duncan Aspden, as far in advance as possible by adding an entry to his absence book.  If you are unable to give notice of absence more than a week in advance then you must tell Duncan by texting him on 07812 193615.

Where a choir member has been absent for more than 25% of rehearsals of any one set leading to a concert their inclusion in the concert is subject to the Musical Director’s discretion.

Your choir number

Each member has a number.  Your music for each concert will have this number on it.  Music is available at the beginning of rehearsals early in each term so please pick up the music with your number on as you arrive.

You will also be given a maroon coloured music folder which will have your choir number on it.  This will be loaned to you for the duration of your time with the choir and you will need to use it for all choir performances.

Rehearsal refreshments

During the break in our rehearsals we have notices from committee members, a glass of fruit juice and a chance for a chat with other choir members.  Choir members take it in turns to provide the juice and the cups.

Membership subscription

The annual membership subscription for 2016-7 is £198 and includes all your music.  The subscription is revised annually following discussion and a resolution at the AGM.  Please pay by a direct BACS payment if you can.  Our treasurer can give you the bank details.  If this is not possible you may pay by cheque made payable to the City of Oxford Choir.

If you would prefer to pay in termly instalments of £66 then this is also possible.  Moray McConnachie is the Treasurer.  He does a great job of chasing for money owed, but if you can pay him before he has to ask then that would be fantastic.

The full year is normally payable (we do make exceptions e.g. for maternity and other unavoidable leave!) even if you are not singing for a term: this is because the membership fee needs to cover our professional musical director’s fees, music costs and rehearsal venue hire.  We rely on ticket sales for our concerts as well as fund-raisers to pay for the other expenses of the choir, for example the cost of accompanists (organists, pianists, chamber groups) and the cost of our concert venues.

As a charity we are keen that people should not be prevented from singing because of their finances.  If you cannot manage the full fee please speak in confidence with the Secretary, Treasurer or the Chair to make an alternative arrangement.  No-one else will know.

Usually all music is sourced by Margarita Morris, our Librarian, and loaned at no cost to members but very occasionally members will buy music themselves.  If this poses a problem for you please talk to the Treasurer or the Chair.

Your contact details and choir communications

Our Librarian, Margarita Morris, keeps a current list of the addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of all members of the choir and circulates it regularly to all members.  She will give you a form to fill in when you join and you need to do this before you take away any music.  Please let Ali know as soon as possible of any change in your details so that the list can be kept up to date. 

We use email for communication of rehearsal dates and times, concert dates, and other important information so please do keep an eye out for choir emails.